About The Academy

What makes KDK Fit different?

Karate Do Kan (KDK) was established by Shihan (Master) Kaz Kusube in 1977. Shihan Kaz was born in Japan and is the expert in Karate, Self-Defense and Jujitsu. KDK is founded on respecting the past, living for the present and striving for the future.

Confidence and Courage

We provide our members with top quality instruction that will help build their self-confidence and courage through our instructors focusing on improving them physically, mentally, and spiritually. Our commitment demonstrates that we care about each and every student in helping them achieve their current and future endeavors. We want our members to strive for growth every day through our continual emphasis on them always being respectful towards and having a positive impact on their community and their families.

Qualified Instructors

Our instructors have years of experience in their discipline.

Individual Approach

Every student of ours receives one on one attention to make sure they progress up through our program.

Culture and Community

We build a culture of community, courage, and respect.

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