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Top-Rated Martial Art Programs In Lakewood


Our karate program is designed to instill a deep understanding of traditional martial arts principles while cultivating essential life skills. From fundamental stances and strikes to advanced forms and sparring, participants will progressively develop their physical agility, balance, and coordination. Our experienced instructors ensure that every student receives personalized attention, enabling them to perfect techniques while preventing injury.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Designed for all levels, our Brazilian jiu-jitsu program is a comprehensive exploration of one of the most effective martial arts disciplines in the world. At the heart of our BJJ program is the emphasis on leverage, technique, and strategy over brute force. Students will acquire a diverse set of skills including submissions and escapes, grappling techniques, and more.


Our program fuses the art of kickboxing with a total body workout regimen, creating an immersive experience that hones both body and mind. Students will develop skills including striking techniques, defensive maneuvers, and unparalleled cardiovascular conditioning. Our expert instructors will guide participants through a structured curriculum, ensuring a progressive learning curve for beginners and experienced athletes alike.


Our carefully crafted boxing program places a strong emphasis on technique and strategy. Students will learn how to efficiently channel their energy, enhance their coordination, and cultivate lightning-fast reflexes. The program also hones mental agility, instilling discipline, focus, and resilience – qualities that extend beyond the ring.


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For individuals seeking a dynamic and personalized approach to fitness, our open gym program combines the flexibility of self-guided workouts with the expertise of seasoned personal trainers. This unique fusion ensures that every participant achieves their goals, whether they aspire to build strength, increase endurance, or enhance overall well-being.

Corp Training

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Our corporate training program is designed to enhance the well-being and physical fitness of your employees, while fostering a sense of unity among participating colleagues. Participants will additionally improve their situational awareness and learn essential self-defense skills for crisis situations, all within a supervised and secure setting.

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